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#5ArcticActions – Recognize the value of the Arctic

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This week, Arctic governments are meeting in Norway to talk about Arctic biodiversity. But they need to do more than talk. They’ve invested in reams of excellent research on life in the Arctic – now they need to act! They’ll make commitments this April, when the United States begins its chairmanship of the Arctic Council. Will they commit to Arctic action? This week, we look at #5ArcticActions nations can take to protect Arctic life:


WWF’s Martin Sommerkorn is part of an international partnership looking at how people, governments and businesses value the Arctic. 

Why is this work important for Arctic life and livelihoods?

The value of the Arctic can’t be measured in money alone. A place with special cultural significance has value, as do healthy caribou herds that feed communities. When governments and communities make conservation decisions, they should be taking into account everything that makes a place important.

Right now, an international partnership is asking local people, business people, researchers, economists and politicians what they value about the Arctic. Their responses will be vital guides for policy in the region.

What’s one action that Arctic states can take in the next year?

This May, the members of the Arctic Council will decide whether to take a more in-depth look at Arctic values.  We want to see each Arctic country conduct a national study, and begin integrating the findings into Arctic policy. The Arctic is warming quickly – states must act now, before they lose what’s important.

Is there anything the public can do?

Learn more about the project, called TEEB for the Arctic, here.

« #5ArcticActions: Work together to reduce oil risk | #5ArcticActions – Help people and polar bears coexist safely »

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