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Approach to Greenland

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Midnight sun off the coast of Greenland.

It’s only been a week at sea, but it feels a lot longer, probably due to the almost constant fog that has engulfed Arctic Tern since our departure from Canada. A South Easterly gale is now pushing us north. Daylight hours are rapidly increasing as we pass the Arctic Circle, the line of latitude north of which one enters the land of the midnight sun. More light makes “night” navigation easier, but also adds to our warped sense of time when combined with the ever-present fog, and our 9 hour routine of 3 hours keeping watch followed by 6 hours off, eating and sleeping.

It’s with great excitement that we approach Sisimiut, our first port of call in Greenland, as landfall promises to break this cycle.

« Greenland and fog | Tracking narwhals – July 2012 »

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