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Setting off for Siku

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In just a few weeks, WWF staff and researchers will set off on an expedition to the heart of the Arctic, where summer sea ice is projected to last the longest. You’ll be able to follow along at! But first, the ship will need to get to Greenland, where it will be joined by WWF staff and researchers. The Arctic Tern I, an ice-strengthened sailboat owned by Students on Ice, left its dock in Ivy Lea, Ontario this week.

The expedition will travel to the Last Ice Area — the northwest coast of Greenland, then probe up into the high Arctic Ocean before crossing to Canada‚Äôs High Arctic Islands. Along the way, we’ll talk to local communities, and fill in the knowledge gaps about this remote area.

Geoff Green, founder and Executive director of Students on Ice, celebrates the launch and talks about the partnership with WWF:

« Tracking narwhals – Spring 2012 | Leaving Montreal »

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