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Sisimiut, Greenland

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Our stop in Sisimiut allowed us to complete some routine maintenance, stock up on a few fresh supplies, and indulge in much needed hot showers for all! Shopping missions in town proved to be the most entertaining (for us and the locals) as none of us aboard speak Greenlandic or Danish. Despite our best efforts to learn, sign language naturally becomes the international language of choice in these situations, leading on one occasion to Pascale and Valentine imitating various wild animals, including Seals and Musk Ox, in an effort to purchase some meat at the fish market! Sorry, no pictures were taken of these animal antics.

After a couple of days in Sisimiut we all feel well fed, watered and rested. It’s now time to continue our journey North to Upernavik. Fair weather, sunshine, calm seas, and a light northerly breeze great us as we leave the harbor. Our “at sea” routine naturally recommences, although we will be making relatively short hops along the coast from now, stopping to anchor at night at a couple of spots before arriving in Upernavik.

By the way, no sign of Bob since our arrival, despite the crew continuing to call him day and night. We suspect he jumped ship, or hopefully made his own way ashore.

« Tracking narwhals – July 2012 | Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland »

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