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Promoting a better kind of tourism

We spoke to Iceland’s Canadian-born first lady about why she thinks promoting a more sustainable form of tourism is critical—not just for Iceland, but for other countries around the world—and how tourism can play a part in achieving the SDGs.

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Building a more sustainable municipality in Norway

This article originally appeared in The Circle: Sustainable Development Goals. The Circle shares perspectives from across the Arctic, and the views expressed here are not necessarily those of WWF. See all Circle issues here. Three towns are in the process of amalgamating to form a new municipality, known for now as new Asker. Part of […]

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Energy in a changing North

Since the first Arctic Energy Summit convened in Anchorage, Alaska in 2007 the Arctic energy landscape has changed significantly. NILS ANDREASSEN looks at approaching sustainable development in the Arctic from the perspectives shared during the 2017 Summit in Finland.

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Working together

This article originally appeared in The Circle 01.18. Find back issues here. CINDY DICKSON, executive director of the Arctic Athabaskan Council (Canada) spoke with THE CIRCLE about the realities and challenges of development in the Arctic. THE CIRCLE: What are the modern realities of living in the Arctic? CINDY DICKSON: The reality is that the […]

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