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Options for Arctic marine cooperation: the WWF vision

This article originally appeared in The Circle 02.16. The rapidly changing Arctic faces new challenges. Therefore, new approaches to marine governance are needed to ensure the sustainability of the entire region and a healthy Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Council (AC) is evolving from a science dialogue forum to policy shaping regional instrument. Improving the implementation […]

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The evolution of the Arctic Council and the Arctic Council System

International interest in the Arctic increased spectacularly between 2004-2008. This was due to a number of events including the 2004 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, the dramatic Arctic sea-ice loss in 2007 and Russia planting its flag on the geographical North Pole’s deep sea-bed that same year. As Erik Molenaar writes, the flag planting triggered a […]

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A regional seas approach for the Arctic: what does it mean?

BROOKS YEAGER has considerable experience with issues in the U.S. and Circumpolar Arctic including: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Development at State; lead U.S. negotiator for the 2001 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs at the Interior Department. He also worked with the State Department on […]

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