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Arrival in Khatanga

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Khatanga, Russia. © Wikimedia CommonsKhatanga, Russia. © Wikimedia Commons

A WWF-led research team, a Canon photographer, and crew are traveling to Siberia’s Arctic coast on the Laptev Sea, to help solve a scientific mystery.

August 13, 16:30
We’ve just landed in the Arctic in Khatanga, there’s a lovely sharpness in the arctic air. Outside the plane we were welcomed by huge but friendly dogs and border police. It’s taking a little time here with our passports but it should be resolved soon. I will return when I know more, maybe we can head off on the boat tonight.

August 13, 23:30
It is close to midnight, and it is bright as a day. The sun barely manages to stay above the horizon. Midnight sun at its best.

Misha, our expedition leader, smoked several pipes and discussed with the police our permission to be in the area. We do have permission, but the physical paper with the right stamp is stuck somewhere. It all was sorted out, with a smile and a few spasibas.

A handful of different species of waders are hanging out close to the boat. Before we head off tomorrow, we will try to get the world’s largest mammoth museum to open. I will let you know more how it goes in my next post.

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