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Photo of a Pacific walrus by Flickr user Beyond Neon, under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.

Northeast Passage: Saving the Arctic, one walrus at a time

The winds have picked up overnight and the weather map shows we are heading into a small gale as a low pressure system slides up the Bering. This is very expected weather for this area in September. The good news is that the winds will be favourable for sailing and we are soon able to set the main and Genoa without losing any boat speed. The bad news is that the ride will be rough for at least the next 36 hours.

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Northeast Passage: Nearing the Chukchi sea

It was a bouncy night as we pushed our way into a head wind, especially for the two of us in the bow! I have a digestive biscuit and coffee to start the watch then take an interview via satellite phone with the Guardian newspaper. Modern technology is truly amazing.

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