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The evolution of the Arctic Council and the Arctic Council System

International interest in the Arctic increased spectacularly between 2004-2008. This was due to a number of events including the 2004 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, the dramatic Arctic sea-ice loss in 2007 and Russia planting its flag on the geographical North Pole’s deep sea-bed that same year. As Erik Molenaar writes, the flag planting triggered a […]

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Low sea ice spells trouble for Svalbard bears

[Updated, April 15, 2016] The past year has broken records for warmth in the Arctic, and around the world. First, 2015 was the warmest year on record. Then January 2016 smashed global records to become the hottest January. February 2016 was the hottest February ever recorded, and the most abnormally warm month, breaking a record […]

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