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COP15: Meet some of the Arctic Tent team!

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During the December climate negotiations, a team from WWF will have an ‘Arctic Tent’ on a main Copenhagen square and we have invited lots of people to help tell the stories of arctic climate change.

In front of the tent, we have a life sized polar bear carved from ice, created by renowned wildlife sculptor, Mark Coreth, and we have a stunning outdoor exhibit by some of the top photographers working in the Arctic today.

Meet the exhibit team from outdoor exhibition specialists weCommunic8, who helped to create the beautiful outdoor photographic exhibition at the Arctic Tent on Nytorv Square, Copenhagen. With them are members of the WWF Arctic Programme and some of the Arctic Tent team.

wec8 wwwf the team COP15

The exhibit team from weCommunic8 positioning the final image in front of the Arctic Tent, with help from the Tent Team. From left,
Chris Bridge (weCommunic8), Sian Owen (Sustainability Options consulting), Clive Tesar (Head of Communications, WWF Arctic Programme), Martin Sommerkorn (Senior Climate Change Advisor, WWF Arctic Programme) and Jan Bridge (weCommunic8).

And before it is even finished, the exhibition attracts some curious spectators!

wec8 wwwf COP15 school kids

A group of inquisitive school children were some of the very first visitors to the WWF Arctic Tent’s outdoor photography exhibition.

« COP15: The Ice Bear cometh | COP15: The grand opening »

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