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Greenland and fog

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Fog, fog and more fog.

We’re headed for Upernavik where we’ll meet the WWF team and scientists on July 24th.

Since yesterday, the wind has been south-east between 20 and 25 knots. Goodbye southern summer and hello Arctic summer: long johns, jackets, fleece, mittens, waterproof jacket and pants, everything comes out … and everything is quickly soaked! But we move at about 6/7 knots and almost on a direct route! One mystery remains, however: the fog does not seem to dissipate or leave us. Either we are in an unimaginably huge fog bank, connecting Newfoundland to Greenland … Or the fog  has taken a liking to the Arctic Tern 1. Whatever the wind and outside temperature, it sticks around. When Bob is not there, the fog is our fourth crew member!

We can’t see the horizon, but the Arctic Tern seems happy to sail in these northern lands. Yesterday we crossed the 60th parallel. Yesterday? Or maybe it was this evening. The days and nights are starting to look more and more alike.

« Bob, the new crew member | Approach to Greenland »

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