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Mingan Islands, QC

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Nice weather at last!

The bad weather passes, and Arctic Tern I takes to sea again Thursday June 26 at 4am. Not much wind, but enough to finally put up some sails — feels good! We’re keeping an eye out for whales because we will visit the research station of the Mingan Islands, an organization that studies all species of large whales found in the St. Lawrence.

It’s also our last mail drop point for any needed items (spare parts , etc.). Our package arrives directly on board upon arrival! Thank you to the team. It’s fun to visit small local ports, far from major marinas.

One more quick visit and we’re at sea again, heading for the Belle Isle Strait for one last stop before crossing to Greenland. We were warned that the Strait of Belle Isle has a well-earned reputation: fog, fog and more fog, a little sunshine at times. Indeed, a few hours of sun yesterday benefited the crew greatly.

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